Aaron Donald is still holding out on the LA Rams, and no one could blame him. The problem is that the Rams are trying to use tactics that would be reserved for other teams in the league that are a little bit better than them. You may not be aware of his plight because he plays on a bad team, but Aaron Donald is one of the top five players in the whole league. People have universally regarded him as one of the best defensive players in the league, and he should be paid as such. The issue is how the Rams are choosing to deal with him knowing that they can force him to miss half the season.

They must think that they can make him hurt in his wallet, but they forgot that someone else would sign him eventually.

Donald should hold out

The Patriots are willing to let players hold out on them because they are so good at what they do. They can say that they do not need someone who is holding out because they are not hurting for talent. There are many people who think that even The Patriots should pay players exactly what they ask, but they are not required to. They are so good that they can find someone else, but the Rams are not so good.

He fell in your lap

If I may address the Rams for just a moment. What are you thinking not settling things with this man to ensure that he will stay with your team and be happy while you are trying to figure out if Jared Goff can be any good?

Why did you not treat him well like the Texans did with JJ Watt because that helped him stick around long enough for them to find Deshaun Watson? Why can you not pay him when your owner owns another sports franchise, the largest ranch in America, and has the cash in his pocket to pay this man?

They could build around him

Allow Aaron Donald to be the face of the franchise and the most outspoken person on the team.

There are a number of people who would love to have Donald be the best player on their Rams team, and it would be wise to give people some hope that would be found in this man. This guy should be paid so that Rams fans can know that at least their defense would be good. That will help them know that they can improve over time while Sean McVay works on the offense.

He is a very young man as compared to most coaches, and he should be given time to get the work done with this quarterback that he has inherited. Having a great defense would go a long way to making this man's job easier. Now that he is in town, he has to sit there with no answers on the defensive line, answer questions about the holdout, and motivate his team at the same time.