Julio Jones can gain 2,000 yards this season simply because the Atlanta Falcons have one of the best tandems in the league. They have a quarterback who can pass to this guy for 2,000 yards easily, and we have to imagine that the Falcons will come out slinging because they want to get back to the Super Bowl. It is very important to do the math because even though you can double team Julio Jones, you can see how he would run after the catch, get targeted constantly, and score more touchdowns than anyone in franchise history.

Stop me

I would tell the rest of the league to stop me from scoring.

The Falcons can throw the ball around all day while challenging the rest of the league to stop them from doing it. Jones is just too good to be stopped, and he is playing in an offense where they can actually run the ball. The defense has to respect the running game, and they will have to give up a lot of protection in the passing game because they are scared of Coleman and Freeman. That is a major issue for the defenses that play them, and the Falcons will confuse these teams into submission.

The defense is better

The defense can get the Falcons back onto the field more often than not, and that will allow them to get the results that they want from the passing game. They will play more offensive snaps per game than they did last year, and that will give Ryan more chances to pass the ball to Julio Jones.

He only has to reach 125 yards per game to have 2,000 for the season and due to the potential of this offense that is more than likely. We must watch them closely, and we must watch them to see if they are on pace for 2000. Someone who wants to see this offense succeed must root for the defense to be much better than it was before.

The Falcons have a plan

They are spending quite a lot of time trying to get better in all phases of the game, and they are turning into the team that talks about all the things they could have done better even though it looked like they were flawless. They are falling into that very quiet rhythm that we see from teams like the Patriots and the Seahawks where they are simply always good at what they do, and they are still trying to figure out how they can be perfect.

If Ryan and Jones set out to have 2000 yards of receiving alone, they could do that because it would be part of the plan. If Ryan is able to use the running game to its fullest potential, he could have another thousand yard receiver somewhere else on the offense. The Falcons seem to be ready to get over their Super Bowl loss.