Lots of people have decried the violence that recently broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia. Politicians, businessmen, celebrities and ordinary folks have conveyed messages on social media, but one tweet by former President Barack Obama garnered three million likes in three days.

The former US Head of State quoted Nelson Mandela, “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion..." and with his tweet was a snap of himself with toddlers representing different racial backgrounds. Among those who commented was journalist David Maraniss, who expressed that the former US Presidents who are living ought to create a joint statement calling on what he referred to as “the racist Trump” to tender his resignation.

Unworthy of the Presidency

That call for action, however, is a remote possibility. Author Adam Khan had stated that Trump is not about to improve nor show maturity, nor prove himself worthy of assuming office. California Senate leader Kevin de Leon tweeted that The President has emboldened violent racist white supremacists and Nazis, creating division in the US and “making it less safe” for its citizens. The social media post was followed by the hashtag #UnAmerican.

When violence erupted in Charlottesville, and a man drove a car into the crowd of protesters, it snuffed out the life of Heather Heyer, 32. Several others sustained injuries. Police later on arrested white supremacist James Fields Jr, who was charged him with second-degree murder plus other charges.

Stark contrast in outlook of two Presidents

Reactions to Obama’s tweet mostly reflected the far-reaching respect that countless people still have for him. Writer Jack Todd expressed that with every passing day, it becomes more apparent that Obama was one of the great Presidents in history. He mentioned Obama alongside Jefferson, Lincoln and both Roosevelts.

In contrast to Obama’s post, many of US President Donald Trump’s tweets are met by sarcasm by commenters and trolls. Since he assumed the US Presidency, Trump been closely monitored not only by Americans but by people from other countries across the world to see how he would transition into the White House and carry out his campaign promises.

Trump's relationship with former President Obama hit a major bump when the former kept dissing the latter on social media. The tables have turned. It’s just that the former US President is expressing his views in a more acceptable manner. It has been noted that Obama has made six of the top 10 most liked tweets in history, something that his successor has yet to beat.