Detailed reporting in early July about a meeting Trump Jr. had with a Kremlin lawyer last year has been the latest and most damning public evidence to show that the Trump campaign colluded with Russian officials. This week it was reported that President Trump involved himself to dictate to Trump Jr. what his response should be. According to White House aides who wished to remain anonymous, the President felt that the issue was more of a political problem and decided to treat it like one.

Trump's shameless representation

He reportedly ignored the advice of his advisers who told him on the sidelines of the G20 Summit that he should release a truthful statement.

But the recent development shows once again that President Trump was not concerned with the optics of his involvement in the response. It also shows that he doesn't listen to the advice he is given by those who see the damage it could cause. But in a shameless public relations effort, at least one of the President's more outspoken Lawyers, Jay Sekulow, has come out to frequently deny that there was anything to the stories about that meeting.

President's lawyers point to each other

But in relation to the recent report by the Washington Post, Sekulow also denied that he himself as the President's legal counsel had any involvement in creating the misleading statement. Sekulow went even further to say that he wasn't even present when the misleading statement was created but suggested that Trump's personal attorney was likely involved.

This would suggest that Sekulow was referring to Marc Kasowitz. But Kasowitz denied this when asked by various media sources.

According to those sources who have asked to remain anonymous, President Trump was representing himself as his own lawyer in this case. With Trump Jr's attorney, Alan Futerfas, saying that the crafting of the statement was communal comes the potential involvement of Trump's counsel.

This could imply that Trump's legal counsel -- if involved -- could be implicated in the investigation being conducted by special counsel Robert Mueller. The report from the Post could not have come at a worse time as several days later, Mueller convened a grand jury for his investigation.

Defiance against Russia collusion

Since Mueller was named to lead the investigation, the White House has made no secret of trying to find ways to obstruct the Special Prosecutor.

In fact, President Trump has been very public about wanting to fire Mueller, perhaps even through the President's public tension with attorney general Jeff Sessions. Sekulow himself went on a few news programs the weekend that the original story broke on Trump Jr's meeting.

As stated, in all of those cases, Sekulow went as far as to create his own impulsive and, therefore, inaccurate defense for the President which many felt revealed the chance that then-candidate Trump was likely at that meeting.