Hi Aries! It’s a glorious Sunday and Astrologer Megan Wilson joins you to gaze at the stars. Let’s see what insights are revealed to you in Today’s daily horoscope for Aries.

What to expect

You're definitely not the mushy type. For you, words are to be used as weapons or charming the pants off of people. In fact, you'd ordinarily choose having a root canal minus the Novocain over discussing your feelings! Aries, It’s just that you hate feeling vulnerable and having your emotions close to the surface make you think people will view you as weak. You’re not weak--you’re human--and there’s nothing wrong with showing people your soft side.

You usually charge around, conquering this and that like a fireball. But today try to consider other people’s points of view before you go smashing through! Instead of trying to figure out everything on your own, engage in healthy discussions and extend your queries to a group. There is power in numbers and their opinions could actually enrich your perspective.

It promises to be a busy day, even for a Sunday! That means you won’t get much free time until later this afternoon due to the world of responsibility, which you so enjoy making yours. Fortunately, communication is great tonight and there’ll be brilliant harmony with your partner. Those of the third decade could suddenly fall in love as spicy news is forecast!

Here’s some advice: Get to know exactly who and what you’re dealing with before you go flipping head over heels into a relationship.

A day full of fun and happiness is promised, given the presence of Venus in Capricorn. The New Year has commenced on a good note and the momentum continues to ride high. Today could be ideal to start planning a short trip with close family members.

This will not only cement your bond but it will also release some of the tension that has been building up in your life as of late. Green is your lucky color today so try to incorporate it in a scarf, a sock or maybe some eyeshadow if you’re a female fire sign.

You’re used to blazing a trail with your adventurous self. Today however, some unaddressed feelings have you feeling a tad unsettled.

Maybe the stars are telling you it’s time to take a breather and smell the roses for a while. Take some time for yourself and use a little dose of introspection to help you examine any feelings that might be holding you back. Once you do a little psychic groundwork, you'll find it easier than ever to reach your goal.

How to get through your day

You know the nice thing about life Aries? Nothing is permanent or guaranteed and that keeps things rather interesting. You don’t have to accomplish everything today. Your lesson is to appreciate your many and varied talents and see how best you can put them to use. Share yourself with others to make your burdens (real or imagined) a lot easier to bear.

That’s it for today’s daily horoscope for Aries. We hope you’ve gained valuable insight and will share it on social media. See you tomorrow as the stars will be waiting in the wings.