The Chiefs have dumped Jeremy Marlin, and they have brought in Patrick Mahomes to be the heir apparent to Alex Smith. He is the future of the franchise, and he has created an air of promise around the team because they believe that they have the quarterback of the future. The team is taking on cheap players who were once drafted high, and that is because they have a system under Andy Reid that will produce results you cannot imagine. I expect the Chiefs to be good for a decade even if they are not winning their division or competing for a Super Bowl every year.

The Chiefs are stable

The Chiefs are a stable franchise that has been owned by the same family forever, and Clark Hunt runs the team without getting in the way just like his dad did. Lamar set up a culture in Kansas City that is very strong, and the team is run in his image today. They have never actually overpaid for anyone, and they are looking for players that other teams have given up on. They have players sprinkled across their roster who are a bit older, and they will support Patrick Mahoney when he takes over.

The stadium is a tough place to play

Arrowhead Stadium is always one of the hottest places to play early in the season, and the team gives their young quarterback an advantage when he finally takes the helm.

It gets bitterly cold in Kansas in the winter, and teams have to adjust to playing in a windy and cold place that they did not expect. These little things make the team much harder to beat, and it should keep them in contention even if the Raiders are better than them right now.

The rebuild is coming

Alex Smith is not Donovan McNabb.

What I mean by that is that he is not as emotionally attached to Andy Reid. Andy Reid can cut bait with Alex Smith any time, and he will be sent off into the wild blue yonder. It is simple for us all to understand how The Chiefs could simply move on from Smith when they are ready, and they will likely make a shrewd move that will trade him for value.

Someone else needs a quarterback, and they will be happy to have him because they will get a passer who is good enough to still play. The Chiefs will not wear him out, and he will be a good trade find for someone else.

We should watch the Chiefs until the end of this season because they could easily provide us with the entertainment we need as we watch them rebuild in a very sly manner. They are not being so obvious about it, but they are apparently putting their team back together to serve Patrick Mahomes.