Every day, we make choices, and we continue to be defined by those choices. Because we are so anxious and frightened about the outcome of our choices, many of us decide to take the easy route and very rarely take a risk. Therefore, we are inevitably trapped in our comfort zones.

Our safe haven

A comfort zone is a good thing, to a certain extent, because it keeps us out of trouble and gives us some sort of path to follow, but it becomes an issue when we allow it to block us from following our dreams or trying new things. The comfort zone is our refuge from failure, because if you never venture out on the ledge, you'll never fall, right?

While this may be true, this is no way to Live. I mean, truly live. Taking a leap is in no way an easy feat, as it requires an immense amount of courage and a willingness to accept the unexpected and the unknown, but it must be done if you're going to live your best life.

The path we're heading down

Many of us spend our whole lives chasing after something, whether it is happiness, love, success, or something else. What we don't realize, though, is that we have the power to acquire all of those things, but how can we ultimately have what we want if we never do anything different to get there? As they say, a psychopath is someone who does the same thing over and over again and expects a different result, and that's just not realistic.

You truly do get an 'A' for effort

In order to lead the lives we dream about, we have to be ready to jump at every opportunity and stop worrying about the negatives. After all, most of the things we spend our time worrying about never happen, and even if they do, at least you know you tried. If you gave your all to a relationship that didn't work out, no one can say you gave up.

If you studied hard for an exam that you didn't do so well on, you know you put forth your best effort. If you chose the wrong career, you're acknowledging it and taking the next steps to find the perfect role for you. I think you get where I'm going by this point.

The journey is yours alone

You'll never know if you never try, and the only way to get what you want out of life is to break through the barrier that you've built for yourself.

The future is a blank slate, so it's up to you to figure out exactly what you're going to write. We all leave so much of what we do up to other people, and we often forget that we're the only ones who are in control of our lives. Refuse to reside in fear and keep doing the same old boring thing every day that makes you miserable. Life is only so long, and you don't want to be at the very end wishing you had done everything differently. Get rid of those bad habits now. Do something now that you will be grateful for later on down the line. Stand up tall, and throw that comfort zone to the ground.