CJ Fiedorowicz has signed a new contract with the Houston Texans after they also gave an extension to Deandre Hopkins. The team also signed another tight end to a deal back in March. The team has completely changed their offense by drafting Deshaun Watson and locking up these pieces to contracts. The team must have as much offensive power as power as possible, and they will find that they have enough people to create an offense that will gel over the next couple of years.

CJ has improved

CJ started as the blocking tight end for the Texans, and he has become more and more of an offensive weapon since he was drafted out of Iowa.

He has control of his side of the field, and he will make a fine target for Deshaun Watson. I believe that the Texans will give him to Watson as an option to dump off the ball so that he can get out of trouble. Someone who started as a blocking tight end is the perfect option for a young quarterback who needs a friend. The tight end will likely never be that far away from the line of scrimmage, and Watson will avoid hits and sacks because of it.

The offense needs him

Having a top flight wide receiver and two tight ends make the offense much harder to cover, and the defense must commit time and energy to guarding people who are flying across the field. These players will cause problems for everyone on the defense because they are flying around the field without any trouble.

You can confuse a defense when you have extra players moving around, and you will see this team attempt to stun opposing defenses because they want to give Watson a way to remain as safe as possible.

The team has time to improve

I can see a situation in which the Texans grow over the next three years into an offense that looks much like the Raiders or the Falcons.

That would be very powerful in a division that is very weak, and I believe that the offense will be so feared that we will be watching Andrew Luck wondering what he will do. We may find that the Texans are so good that we are wondering if they can outscore all their opponents, and they will have a defense that can stop all their opponents because they are so powerful.

The Texans are constructed properly

The Texans are finally constructed properly, and there are many reasons to believe that they will be competitive now and in the future. I cannot imagine that they will get any worse, and I know that it will be interesting to watch who they sign next, how many points they can score per game, and how many times over the defense will impress.