Butch Jones and the tennessee Vols are our great disappointment. We think that they will be competitive, and they give us nothing to go on. We see those glimmers of hope, and we are left with very little to show for it at the end of the season. They are still stinging from the sexual assault allegations that rocked their program, and there are players with suspected broken collarbones, suspensions, and making silly plays.

They have lingering injuries

A suspected collarbone break for Josh Smith turned out to be a sprain of the AC joint that goes up to the shoulder.

I think I would almost rather it be broken, but this means that he can return to action faster. He is vulnerable now, and we are one step away from the Volunteers missing out on a receiver that they need if they want to score any points at all. They have a suspended play for their first game with Georgia Tech, and I believe that they will have something else crop up that will hold them back this season.

It is always something

It is always something with the Volunteers under Butch Jones. He can recruit, but he might be recruiting people to Tennessee that will not be good for them. They have the talent, but there appear to be too many knuckleheads on the roster. The team simply will miss out on too many opportunities, and they will have something to print in the papers every week.

They are giving me something to talk about right now, and we can write another article about them if they lose to Georgia Tech.

They cannot compete in the east

The SEC East is just too competitive for the Vols, and it will be left up to the Gators to pull away from Georgia before the end of the season. I would be shocked if the Vols were able to catch up next season, and they will fall behind as Jim McElwain and Kirby Smart get better at their jobs at Florida and Georgia respectively.

That little bit of momentum that they give up to two better programs will see Jones fired in a couple of years when Tennessee gets tired of being irrelevant.

Karma is hard on the Vols

I honestly believe that the Vols are still paying the cosmos back for firing Philip Fulmer. This is their punishment for letting go of someone who played at Tennessee, coached at Tennessee, won a title at Tennessee, and was committed to Tennessee. They got their just desserts, and now they are hanging onto a coach that should be better than he is. They are allowing Jones to have a job because they do not want to find somebody better.