Last week, American economist and New York Times contributor Paul Krugman wrote an OpEd titled: "Trump and Pruitt, Making America Polluted Again," where he sums up the joint effort made by President Trump and his Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Director, Scott Pruitt, to pollute America.

In his piece, Krugman reminds readers of Scott Pruitt's intentions to destroy the EPA, a fact which has been widely reported. And While Krugman has often been referred to as an alarmist by his critics -- no doubt, all of them Trump supporters -- there is solid evidence to further confirm Pruitt's intentions.

Email correspondence between Pruitt and Industry executives to target the EPA

For instance, Krugman referred to another New York Times article that was published back in February titled: "The Pruitt Emails: E.P.A. Chief Was Arm in Arm with Industry," that refers to over 6,000 pages of emails that had just been released. The emails were from 2013 when Scott Pruitt was the attorney general for Oklahoma and they show a thorough correspondence between Koch-funded industry executives which Ken Cook, president of the Environmental Working Group said. "reads like a years-long chain of love letters between soul mates."

While that shows their "affection" for each other, the emails also show why industry executives were gushing over Pruitt, as he was single-handedly trying to target EPA regulations.

In fact, the tone displayed in the emails shows that they did not exercise caution to hide their intent. The article refers to one email by Matt Ball who is an executive for Americans for Prosperity, a group that is funded by the Koch brothers. It's no secret that the Koch brothers have been funding causes for the past decade to go after the EPA's regulations.

Scott Pruitt's intent against EPA

Pruitt's intentions could not be more obvious as he worked on behalf of many energy companies to fight the EPA, which he now regulates. But the emails also confirm a timeline between requests by the energy companies to when Pruitt filed petitions on behalf of those companies. Krugman makes the point that while the president's agenda does appear to be stalled in Congress, it's only stalled for agendas that require legislation and Pruitt's efforts to deregulate the EPA do not need legislation. It's quite clear that nothing Pruitt is doing to the EPA is on the side of protecting Americans. His agenda is strictly driven by the Energy Industry.