It looks like Dwyane Wade's stint with the Chicago Bulls will end this year. The Bulls are expected to buy out his contract as they are focusing on rebuilding the team and giving playing time to their young players. Wade, 35, is left in a difficult spot. He expected things to unfold much differently in Chicago. Now, he faces uncertainty as his career dwindles before his eyes.

But, such a situation could open a unique window of opportunity. Wade could sign with the Miami Heat and end his career there, just like he and most NBA fans had imagined.

Should Wade forget how he was underappreciated last summer and pursue a return home?

Does Heat need Wade?

First, the Miami Heat have to want Dwyane Wade back. The Heat already has at least three other players at the shooting guard position. Dion Waiters, Josh Richardson, Wayne Ellington, and Tyler Johnson can all play at that spot. Waiters look like he will be the starting shooting guard after having re-signed in this off-season for four years and $52 million. The Heat have placed their faith on him after coming off a breakout season where he averaged a career-high 15.8 points per game.

Are the Heat ready to discard their off-season plan and commit to the Wade-plan? With Wade's arrival, Waiters would be relegated to the background.

Wade would surely not return to come off the bench. Also, the progress of players like Richardson and Tyler Johnson would be hindered.

If Wade returns, Riley will be right

The Heat can still use their mid-level exception of $4.3 million. If Pat Riley can get Wade back at that price, then he would have proven that he was right last summer not to invest over $20 million to re-sign Wade.

Does Wade want to admit that Riley was right and that he was not worth all that money after all? However, one could argue that with Wade's help last season the Heat would have made the playoffs. Their impressive run in the second half of the season was not good enough. Wade could have impeded their miserable start of the season.

Riley opened the door for Wade to leave. The future Hall-of-Famer that is Wade probably deserved a better treatment. One can draw a comparison with Kobe Bryant and how he was valued and honored by the Los Angeles Lakers even when his body had failed him in his final years in the league. The Lakers did not hesitate for one moment to pay Kobe what he deserved; after all, he brought five NBA championships and was the one reason why Lakers fans were still filling Staples Center.

Wade deserves a better ending to his career. A buyout hurts his image, but, at least it will give him a chance to choose how to end his career. The world would regain its balance if Wade chose to become a Miami Heat player once again and for a final time.