Streaming has been becoming big recently as there are platforms to stream movies, TV shows, Anime, and even Games. Streaming is an easier way to play or watch your favorite content - but how about streaming PC games to your devices? A small team of developers decided to create an application where you can stream PC games with the best quality to other platforms.

They boast you can play your games at 60 Fps on any device available. This is where the Nintendo Switch portability comes in. On twitter, they showed off the Switch playing Batman Arkham Knight with their beta application.

So far the application runs well and the developers tease they will have more games to show off in the coming months.

Why would anyone download this?

People might be wondering, why download this when you can play on your PC? Well, for starters, this application is free right now so you can take advantage of that. You can play your favorite PC games on the go when you aren't at the desk. Streaming apps like this can add variety instead of playing at your desk all the time. Some people also like playing on the big screen. As this will be on consoles all you need to do is load it up and play. I personally like the idea of playing different games on my Switch from my PC as you also get the full power and graphics from your PC as well.

If your system can run DirectX 11 it can run and take advantage of their MSG protocol.

Will this be allowed on consoles like the Nintendo Switch?

The Rainway team told people on their twitter that they would be talking to the managers on every platform. As you will be streaming games from your PC they need to be okay with cross-platform streaming.

We know Nintendo and Microsoft are already on board because they already allow cross-play on their devices. Sony on the other hand, while they allow some games to be streamed to PC on their PlayStation Now service, it's hard to say if they will agree to this or not. We'll just have to see how Rainway handles this with the platform managers.

The Microsoft Store had emulators in their store for a while so we'll just have to see if Microsoft will allow this on Xbox.

Nintendo I could see agreeing with this as in the past, they allowed people to use services to download previously purchased games to other platforms. With this app, you're just streaming games to the console. If people are stealing the games and streaming it that is a different issue. What do you think about the Rainway app? Would you use it?