Donald Trump once claimed that there has never been a president in recent memory who has faced as many challenges to his authority as him. There may be some truth to this argument as politicians on both sides of Congress prepare their latest excuse to impeach him.

In a desperate bid to shore up the ratings of his failing news channel, investigative reporter and CNN contributor Carl Bernstein said there is a story that reporters need to cover. According to the CNN news anchor, that is whether Donald Trump is mentally stable and competent enough to do his job.

Never mind that his administration has managed to achieve more progress than the mainstream media provide him with credit for. Instead, they want to focus on his mental health. As Margaret Thatcher once said, if they have to hit you personally, it demonstrates they have nothing else to attack you with.

The President has successfully exposed many news channels for producing fake news. Mr. Bernstein reported that he is going to gather information from "reliable sources" to justify his theory. According to the CNN journalist, both Democrats and Republicans have made public statements questioning his mental health.

Failed to demonstrate any competence

Republican U.S. Senator Bob Corker said President Trump has failed to demonstrate any competence or stability since getting elected.

U.S. Rep Zoe Lofgren, a Californian Democrat, said she wants him to undergo a mental health exam. Her colleague, another Californian Democrat called U.S. Rep Jackie Speier, called for the President's removal under the 25th Amendment. She claims he is showing signs of mental instability.

This is but the latest scare tactic many politicians in the establishment are deploying now.

There have been many reasons to question the Trump administration's competence in recent months. There have been numerous leaks from the White House and now that Steve Bannon has resigned, it does not paint the President in a favorable light at the moment. Equally, there are other factors which prove he is doing a good job.

The economy continues to grow and many companies like Ford have expressed their desire to relocate to the United States. And behind the scenes, his administration has succeeded in repealing many of the regulations that prohibit businesses.

Trust in politics in the Western world is at an all-time low

If what Mr. Bernstein reports is true, it makes you wonder how many other excuses politicians will use to remove him from office. If they jeopardize the Trump administration, there will be an angry backlash from voters to the same extent as if the British Government fails to implement Brexit across the Atlantic. Trust in politics in the Western world is at an all-time low. It will be Congress, not the President, who will be digging a bigger hole for themselves if they obstruct his agenda.