Last August 18, Friday, "The Defenders" finally premiered on Netflix, much to many Marvel fans' delight. Many have been waiting for this series, as it combines four well-loved characters in Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil, and Iron Fist - all of whom had their stand alone series.

'The Defenders' good for Netflix market research?

According to Tubefilter, "The Defenders" is not merely another show - it took almost four years in the making. Also, it can be a legitimate possibility for the streaming service to be able to measure their audiences' viewing habits.

How? Well for one, its viewers will be coming from following four different shows. Looking into market research, the new Marvel series, as described by David Yellin, VP of product for Netflix, is something that viewers from various directions can all thoroughly enjoy.

Yes, all four series were about Marvel superheroes, but they all have their distinctive characteristics. In terms of attracting different audience demographics, which also came from viewership of past Netflix originals, for example, viewers of "Jessica Jones" are more likely the same as the ones who enjoyed "Orange is the New Black," a piece from Wired discussed.

I would have to agree, as this was true for me. The strong female lead was a big factor in enjoying - make that binge watching "Jessica Jones." Plus, I have learned to love Krysten Ritter since "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23."

Looking deeper, and viewership can be traced to other Netflix originals.

By being able to identify the fan bases that stay tuned to which superhero, the streaming site will be able to use the data in future directions for its shows.

Series' best part so far?

Meanwhile, how many episodes of the new Marvel series have you seen? I'm on episode 2 and still adjusting to the storylines of "Iron Fist" and "Daredevil." I have personally seen "Jessica Jones" and "Luke Cage," although I have yet to watch the first two titles mentioned, "The Defenders" is already on my Netflix list.

Now, an article from UPROXX, recently shared what they think is the series' best part so far. To give you a clue, it revolves around Iron Fist. Since the series starring Finn Jones came out back in March this year, it has had its fair share of criticisms.

In this latest series, Jessica Jones was seen calling Danny Rand out for being such a doofus.

I know many fans would agree.

Even Stick and Madame Gao took a stab at poor Danny. Well regardless of that, he is still part of the team and hey, we can all agree that having Sigourney Weaver in the show is a big deal, right?