Jim McElwain needs this first game against Michigan. Jim Harbaugh needs this first game against Florida. A major contender to go to the college football playoff will start the season with a loss, and both of these men do not need that on their minds. These two teams are trading shots about how their starting lineups will look, and it is silly to do because we both know these two teams are flawed. We could go over the flaws in-depth, but it makes more sense to ask the obvious questions.

Who is playing quarterback?

Both teams have questions at the position, and the problem has been long lasting since McElwain arrived in Florida.

He has hoped to bring someone to Gainesville who would be worth having, but they have jumped from one guy to another hopin gto find the right person. They have been ineffective in the way that they manage the position, and they have not found that one guy that fits in just right. It could be McElwain's system, and it could just be bad luck. We have no way of truly knowing.

Can Michigan play defense?

I mean, can the Wolverines really play defense? They need help because Harbaugh is an offensive coach, and it shows here and there. The team will give up that one big play that basically ruins their whole season and we will spend all our time wondering how they could have prevented it. We need to see improved play from the defense in Ann Arbor, and it would be nice to see a breakout quarterback.

Where's Howard and Tebow?

There are no major superstars on these teams that force us to watch them. We are left with JT Barrett at Ohio State and the entire Alabama team. We have plenty of people to watch, and we are wondering what will happen when Sam Darnold gets his hands on the PAC 10 schedule. We want to watch those things, and that is why this game between Florida and Michigan is flying under the radar.

we are more interested in the naked shark picture that was not actually McElwain, the press clippings from Harbaugh, and a lack of star play.

They simply are not there

I can see Florida losing the SEC title game to Alabama again, and I can see Michigan losing to Ohio State. There go their seasons, and that is about as far as they can go.

That is the reality of their situation. They need more stars, and they need less talk. Playing this game early in the season is good for the game, but it does nothing for two teams because they simply will not matter at the end of the season when they lose their final games before bowl season.