Actress, producer, and public nuisance lena dunham has created another social media scandal for tweeting what she described as a traumatic experience of overhearing a private conversation between two Flight Attendants that she described as “transphobic.” She described how she messaged American Airlines describing the conversation and the company’s promise that it would investigate the matter. The tweet storm that followed was instantaneous and predictable.

Dunham was a tattle tale

Greg Gutfeld, the Fox News personality, expressed the sentiment best when he tweeted, “so @lenadunham why didn't u confront the attendants, instead of informing like a member of Stasi to their employers?

how awful are u?” Dunham responded by blocking Gutfeld from her twitter feed, which only served to add fuel to the fire. Later, Gutfeld denounced Dunham as a “coward” on the Fox News show “The Five.”

Others, such as radio talk show host Dana Loesch, noting Dunham’s reputation for prevarication, wondered whether she made up the story as an attempt to get attention. The spectacle of a wealthy, entitled actress going after a pair of working class women for speech she did not approve of mainly proved to be off-putting.

Lena Dunham after ‘Girls’

The show that made Dunham famous “Girls,” the HBO series about a group of debauched 20 something young women living in New York, has aired its last episode.

Dunham is working on a number of projects, but her main pastime seems to be to cause outrage and consternation. Before the alleged air port incident, she got a lot of heat for returning her shelter dog under circumstances that some found at once suspicious and off-putting.

Besides producing TV shows and providing fodder for social commentators and gossip mongers, Dunham has ventured into political punditry.

Her description of what it felt like on the night that Hillary Clinton failed to be elected could have been compared to Hunter Thompson’s writings of the 1972 campaign, except Thompson was a far better writer on drugs than Dunham could dream of being clean and sober. It is perhaps a sign of the debasement of culture and journalism that she gets published at all.

In the meantime, one wonders what will happen if American Airlines actually runs down the two flight attendants who are alleged to have committed the crime of “bad speech.” Will they get fired? Will they be admonished to what they say in public, especially in ear shot of entitlement addled celebrities? Or, maybe they will decide to sue Dunham for defamation if it turns out whatever they were saying was more benign than Dunham described. Now, that would be a story to cover.