Hey Capricorn! Welcome to today’s daily horoscope for Capricorn. Today’s horoscope, Astrologer Megan Wilson talks about work and your family relationships. Let’s see what the stars are saying!

What to expect

Today, Capricorn, you finally have to address the imbalances in your Work Life and personal life. It's in your nature to be hardworking and driven but you need to stop overlapping your personal and professional life, stop taking work to home. Its OK to leave it until tomorrow, if you don't begin to separate your time more efficiently, your personal relationships will suffer for it.

Recently you have been experiencing a lot of hardships and stressed out days and even those close to you have been adding directly and indirectly to your elevated stress levels and frustration. No need to sever ties, it's not that serious but you can take some time for yourself. Capricorns are used to being the strong one, the shoulder to lean on but even you need a break especially after these last few disagreeable days. No one will fault you for some much needed isolation, and when you are able to - rejoin the fray seamlessly.

Lots of changes will be coming your way Capricorn, be vigilant and open up yourself today, an invitation to a gathering may give way to an entirely new perspective. This interaction will refuel and energize you and even open up a few new professional possibilities to you.

Don't be timid, nothing happens by chance, but possibilities can slip away if you aren’t open to it.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Capricorn, be productive! Don't allow others or yourself to waste your time. If you have challenges with time management, today is the perfect day to research and implement some time managing techniques.

Capricorns are known for their pride but it is never too late to learn a new skill set, even engage others who you have found to be successful in this regard. It may surprise you how a few subtle changes could make your Daily routine so much more manageable.

Also, let open be the word for the day, almost like personal mantra Capricorn.

Be open to new people, prospects and new ways of doing things. Having this mental attitude is the first step towards seeing the alterations in your life that you are looking for.

Seek truth, in all that you do today. If something or someone seems ingenuine, trust your instincts and leave it alone. Self preservation is nothing to be ashamed about and no one can fault you for it. Just remain firm yet respectful in your decision to stay away.

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