Although the documentary is already in production, Adam Carolla, Dennis Prager, and the team behind "No Safe Spaces" are turning to the nation's conservative community to help them fund both their movie and accompanying college campus tour. They hope to raise $500,000 within the next month, after which all donations will be matched by the right-wing non-profit Capital Research Center.

Production has already run into problems with campus censorship

Being a movie trying to showcase the idea that right-wing voices aren't welcome on America's college campuses has already proven difficult for the producers of "No Safe Spaces." Especially because some colleges have refused to allow them to speak on their campuses.

Back in December, Carolla and Prager were expected to present at California State University - Northridge, as the first stop on a campus tour being recorded for the documentary. However, according to lawyers for the production, the appearance was abruptly cancelled after the school's administration learned about the content of the men's presentation and felt it may be politically incorrect. The University released a statement claiming that there had been no official booking and they would be unable to provide one due to "logical concerns" surrounding the appearance so close to the end of the semester. (The two sides were eventually able to come to an agreement and a presentation was filmed from CSU for the documentary.)

The production also accompanied Ann Coulter to UC-Berkeley in April where she was unable to speak to a group of students after threats of violence were made.

A riot broke out on that campus that cost the University nearly $500,000 in police overtime to bring under control.

Film sets 2018 release, promises big perks to donors

Fans who donate money to the production of "No Safe Spaces" will have more than a dozen "perks" to choose from on their IndieGoGo page. With investment opportunities ranging from $10 to $20,000, Carolla and Prager have been creative with the rewards available at each donation level.

Everything from a digital coloring book promising to be a "must have for every 'triggered' and aggrieved college student" to being listed as the movie's Executive Producer, (complete with IMdB credit and a private reception following the L.A, premiere,) are up for grabs.

The release of "No Safe Spaces" is currently scheduled for mid-2018 and the campus tour is expected to continue into the fall.