President Donald Trump is a crazy madman who must be removed from office now. His recent statements and tweets indicate just how disturbed he is and serve as evidence of his deteriorating mental condition. Instead of seeking a diplomatic solution to the crisis involving North Korea, and Kim Jong-un's recent missile tests, Trump has escalated the situation exponentially with threats to invoke "fire and fury" upon North Korea not like any that "the world has ever seen before," according to The Washington Post on Tuesday. Additionally, Trump has posted threatening tweets and even stated on Thursday that he believed that perhaps his "fire and fury" threat against the small rogue nation "was not tough enough," according to The Huffington Post on Tuesday.

Tillerson tries to calm fears

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, in response to Trump's "fire and fury" threats against North Korea, tried to calm the nation's fears on Tuesday. According to on Wednesday, Tillerson stated that he did not see North Korea as posing "any imminent threat" to the United States. Tillerson's comments were seen as an effort to ease tensions both in America and abroad, as fear of a nuclear exchange have risen to the highest level since the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, when John F. Kennedy was President. In that event, multiple Soviet warships were spotted off the coast of Cuba, only 90 or so miles from Florida. Kennedy, while talking tough in his speech to the nation and warning the Soviet Union that the United States was fully prepared to respond with force, was privately negotiating a resolution to the crisis with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and the matter was resolved peacefully.

No private negotiations

Trump is not privately negotiating with Kim Jong-un as did Kennedy with Khrushchev. Besides, by all indications, it does not at all appear that Trump is the least bit interested in avoiding a nuclear exchange or military conflict with North Korea. Trump told reporters repeatedly in answers to questions about what would happen if Jong-un continued threatening the United States, that "Things will happen to them like they never thought possible, OK?," according to on Friday.

Furthermore, unlike prior presidents when facing a major showdown with another country, Trump has not told the nation that he has deployed the State Department to attempt to negotiate a peaceful settlement to the crisis. Although he has stated that he would prefer a diplomatic solution to the problem, Trump has devalued diplomatic efforts by stating that the United States has been negotiating with the rogue nation for over 25 years and gotten "nowhere." By all indications, it appears that Trump believes that a military conflict is the better option in this case.

Former GOP Senator petitions for Trump's removal from office

Meanwhile, Former GOP Senator Gordon Humphrey, (N.H.), has petitioned his member of Congress, Rep. Annie Kuster, (D), to introduce a resolution in Congress invoking the 25th Amendment, according to on Wednesday. Under the 25th Amendment, the President can be declared incapacitated and unable to discharge his/her duties, and be removed from office. Humphrey is calling upon Kuster to support HR 1987, which is a bill calling for the establishment of an independent commission that will have the power to determine if the President is fit to remain in office.

In his petition to Kuster, Humphrey stated that Trump is "sick of mind, impetuous, arrogant, belligerent and dangerous," according to on Wednesday.

Humphrey even went so far as to state blatantly that Trump needs to be removed from office now. He stated, "Donald Trump should be relieved of the powers of the Presidency at the earliest date," according to on Wednesday.

Trump's religious advisor

Humphrey's strong statement, combined with the fact that Trump listens to a religious advisor who condones a preemptive attack upon North Korea by the United States, states the case for removing Trump from office now. If he won't resign, then he must be removed via the 25th Amendment and HR 1987. Trump is insane and he is dealing head on with another insane leader, Kim Jong-un, the results of which threaten to bring the world to the brink of World War III.

As Humphrey stated, the situation is an "emergency" and must be addressed swiftly and without pause or equivocation.

Mr. President, you are in way over your head and you are insane and totally ill-equipped to discharge your duties as President. Please do the entire world a favor and resign immediately or be removed via the 25th Amendment. You must go and you must go now. There is no other option if humanity is to survive.