Photographer David Yarrow was invited by North Korea recently to take photos of its inhabitants. He provided Fox News with shots that no other person would be allowed to shoot. What he showed the news channel reminded him of "Nuremberg during the Nazi years," with citizens pledging their loyalty to Kim Jong-un as if he is the head of a "religious cult." Yet what Mr. Yarrow also portrayed was that life was "normal" there; there were beautiful beach resorts and people happily drinking beer. It was very different to the regime we hear of in the mainstream media.

Kim Jong-un's popularity has never been higher

But the fundamental point behind the photographer's journey was that Kim Jong-un's popularity has never been higher. He has ratings that any Western leader would dream of. Judging by Mr. Yarrow's photography, people seem pleased with their leader. Provoking the United States will no doubt boost his approval ratings further. But luckily for the President, a retired army general has provided him with some excellent military advice on how to deal with North Korea.

General Tom McInerney told Fox News that the United States could "wipe out Pyongyang in 15 minutes" if they attack Seoul. During his interview, it was highlighted that the United Nations' recent sanctions on North Korea's expansion of joint ventures and exports of raw materials could take nine months to implement.

By then, they could have developed missiles which could hit New York instantly, which the former general said would take a year to develop.

However, if Pyongyang produces inter-ballistic missiles capable of attacking American cities and launches them within a year, General McInerney said it would be too late by then, and he is right.

He is correct in his analysis because North Korea would have launched deadly missiles that would have killed thousands of innocent Americans.

Washington needs to establish a Pacific Ocean alliance

President Trump would do well to listen to the retired general if he hasn't already. General McInerney suggested Washington needs to establish a Pacific Ocean alliance, which would consist of the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.

He said this is necessary not only to combat the threat from Pyongyang but from China too.

According to the former general, additional measures the President could take include deploying more THAAD missiles, placing nuclear retaliatory capability on ground alert and increasing the amount of naval and air forces in the region.

Many commentators have slammed President Trump for issuing words and not actions over North Korea. But if the retired general is correct, perhaps Pyongyang is employing equally empty rhetoric because they are aware of the United States' military capabilities. Or maybe they are biding their time to develop weapons capable of destroying American cities. Either way, the President must prepare for those eventualities.