Quite often, we place huge expectations on ourselves. Rushing to do this, and rushing to do that, without really embracing the Moment. But really, what's the rush? Where do we think we are headed?

If we don't stop to think, evaluating where we're at, then our dreams will remain just dreams. We should learn to always savor the experience and garner the lessons offered; this will help us live our lives responsibly (identifying and understanding life experiences) and purposefully live out our dreams.

What does living in the moment actually mean?

Living in the moment means being attentive, and aware of your present with all your senses.

It means, embracing every moment i.e everybody we meet and everything we do has our Full Attention. This impacts the way we relate to others, as well as our productivity and creativity, eating habits, health and weight.

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't plan for the future; whether it's planning for your goals and ambitions or even simply how you look (which is extremely important). The point is, don't just live in your head; worrying and planning for the future, analyzing the events of the past - what others may have said or done. Because, at the end, we may just find that, we lost our glass slippers worrying over who's either going to steal it or even how to get a new one, instead of just dancing away and enjoying the moment.

Why embracing the moment, is a good thing.

  • It makes you more creative and productive.

We've all had moments, where we feel More productive after turning off distractions, and giving full attention to the task at hand. You experience, an easy flow of ideas and thoughts which you can pen down effortlessly. It's quite different from the frustration we experience, when we try to everything all at once, "multitask" that's the word for it.

Whether you're at home, work or simply spending time with family. Allow yourself to be fully present and engaged, on whatever it is you're doing; this way, you will most likely unlock your abilities and feel more productive.

While everyone wants to feel 'heard' and appreciated. Yet, less attention is given during a conversation.

We get so distracted by our smartphones and our thoughts about the day - what has been done and what hasn't, or even distracted by to what the person is saying.

  • It helps you to take charge of what and how you eat

When we eat and are distracted, or multitask, we tend to be less aware of how much we consume. This may lead to eating much, more than we actually need or less than we need, to satisfy our hunger.So, the next time you eat, pay close attention to what's happening. How you're feeling? What you're doing? By doing this you place your full attention on the present, enabling you not to exceed your limit and vice-versa.

The best gift you could give yourself is perspective and ability to focus on today, without worry about tomorrow.

Learn to take your anxieties bit by bit, which will make everything more manageable. So too, you come to terms with the fact that, your future isn't out to kill you. Besides, the only way you can ensure having a good tomorrow is by living in the present.So, today, start paying attention to what's going around you. Otherwise, you might miss out on everything and give yourself a real reason to be unhappy.