Donald Trump was an unconventional presidential candidate and now he is an unconventional president. Did anyone really expect things to go differently? While Trump's persuasion skills have been analyzed countless times, they remain in the shadow of everything his public persona represents. It doesn't help that the media has transformed him into this grotesque, mythical creature, capable of destroying the world in a heartbeat.

Panic, chaos and the media

Donald Trump is well aware of the attention that he gets. Of course, as the POTUS he needs to expect and get used to media attention, but the way media treats him is not comparable to the treatment any president before him received.

Trump has found a way to capitalize on this attention and the inherent desire of the media to create panic, and he has capitalized on it so much that he is managing to turn things into his advantage time after time again.

One can't help but wonder if it is Trump's personality and public persona that has catapulted him into the heights of American politics or if he is just a creation of what people refer to as "the deep state" and a marionette of the elite -- the corporations that supposedly run and control the United States of America.

The what ifs

If Donald Trump's public persona is indeed a fabricated, screaming mess of contradictions, he is doing a great job for the establishment that has pushed him to the forefront.

He is creating chaos and panic and a single tweet from the President is enough of a reason for the media to lynch him, inadvertently creating an even more chaotic and panic-filled ambient of what's left of the American public discourse.

If Trump is exactly who he says he is and if he did indeed get to the top of the ladder of the American society by utilizing nothing but ground-breaking marketing concepts, in combination with his populist rhetoric, does that mean that America is in danger?

As much as the media likes to claim that it does, it most probably does not. Donald Trump is not a dictator, just like the presidents before him weren't dictators and just like the next president, whoever he or she is, will not be a dictator.

They are always what the media and the public allow them to be. And if we collectively allow Trump to be an Agent Of Chaos and panic, he will continue to be an agent of chaos and panic. If we don't, if we resist the temptation to make him the epicenter of every news story published, he will start acting like a president of the most powerful country in the world.