Harvey, which later turned into a tropical storm, has left a lot of people "in deep water," so to speak. Most people are responding heroically. But some people will always be useless.I know that during a disaster the size and scope that Hurricane Harvey was, it must be anyone's guess how they would respond in such a dramatic situation.

Abandoned nursing home, horrible neighbors, and abandoned pets

We should all take care when criticizing, not to sound like hypocrites. But nevertheless, I have questions regarding some of the responses that people had to this devastation.

Now, mind you, I’ve been in my share of minor disasters. By that I mean, I’ve been in a house fire. I’ve been in a hotel fire. So I mean, I have a bit of an idea how I would respond in a pinch. I just want to know how people can live in a neighborhood during a disaster, and not check to make sure their neighbors are getting to safety as well? If you have neighbors that you know are elderly, what possesses you to run and hide without bothering to check on them?

A terribly sad photo that is making its way about the internet tells the sad tale of 15 senior citizens that had to be rescued from a home filled to the waist with floodwaters following Hurricane Harvey. My first question would be directed to the nursing home employees, neighbors of the nursing home or the families of those residents; If you work in or own a nursing home, how do you not go there to make sure these people are safe?

How could you have abandoned those people? If you know there is a nursing home nearby to you, how do you not check to make sure these helpless folk are not cared for? If you have, for whatever reason, had to place your loved ones in a home, how do you not go there before going anywhere else to make sure everyone is safe and to give aide?!

Help for a price, and pet neglect

I have even heard on the grapevine, but don’t quote me, that an upstairs neighbor offered a woman with a one-year-old baby, trapped overnight in her downstairs apartment, refuge … for a price of $300. And pet owners; how can you leave your pet behind? Your pet is probably easier to carry than that heavy bag of valuables that you’re dragging with you!

Why do you own an animal that you are not willing to rescue the same as you would your daughter or your mother? How can you neglect them so? Do you care so much less for a pet? I realize that Hurricane Harvey was a devastating storm and it, and the tropical storm that still lingers, left many bewildered, so take this with a grain of salt.

Keep in mind; I ask these questions with limited to no knowledge of what it must be like for any of you in Houston to experience such devastation. My heart goes out to everyone in Houston. It is incredibly inspiring, however, to see so many people pulling together to help one another. It is just important to note that, no matter the weather, there are always going to be some bad apples. During a disaster is when the truth about someone, that may have lurked just under the surface, often reveals itself. Some people are just awful human beings.