The US steel output is facing hard times, and although America is still an important producer it's far from China's level of production. The last report by the Business Insider Australia shows that China produced more steel than the rest of the world combined. China, the Factory of the World, produced 74 million tons of steel last month. On the other hand, we can see that the US produced just 7.1 million tons.

The Chinese steel output per head is much higher than the American one

According to the Census Bureau, the US has less than one-quarter of the population of China, but we can see that the Asian country multiplies the US Steel Production by more than ten.

Clearly, the most populated country in the world has surpassed the US not just in the absolute production of steel, it's also surpassed America in the production of steel per person.

The US is also behind Japan in steel production

Japan produced 8.6 million tons last month according to the Business Insider Australia, this is about 21 percent more than the United States. If we consider that Japan has less than 40 percent of the population of America as the Census Bureau points out, then, we can see that per person Japan produces much more than the United States. When we do the math, we get that Japan produces more than three times more steel per person than the US. Clearly, America isn't using all its potential.

US vs South Korea

The American factories produced 7.1 million tonnes of steel and the South Korean ones produced 6.2 million tons. This is true that America produced more, but this is also true that South Korea has less than one sixth of the population of the United States according to the Census Bureau. The Asian country produces per person far more steel than the US, the gap would be about five to one.

The steel industry is linked with many economic activities, no surprise that Asian countries have developed this as much as possible.

China has become a titan

The Chinese have developed a powerful heavy industry, China produced 74 million tons last month. There are 66 countries that are monitored, they also produce steel. Those countries produced 69.2 million tons the last month, thus, we can see that China produces more steel than the rest of the world put together. China produces more than half of the steel of the planet, although it has less than 20 percent of the population of the world. The growth of the Chinese economy has been impressive.