The American Steel industry has been hit by imports that come from many countries, and one of them is China. Many American businessmen want Donald trump to impose restrictions on foreign steel because it's grabbing a lot of market share and eroding the local industry. Executives from 25 American companies sent a letter to the American President on Wednesday. They think imported steel will be negative for the “America First” policy. The US President has always behaved in nationalistic ways and has promised to protect the American jobs and industries.

The executives want Trump to impose tariffs, thus, the national steel industry will reach good levels again.

A threat to national security

There will be an investigation, it's named the “Section 232”, to see if the foreign steel is a threat to the national security of the United States. The US government could impose quotas or tariffs if this is the case. The steel is an icon of the industry, it's related to many economic activities. There are laws related with this that come from the years of the Cold War.

Imported steel gains market share

Steel imports increased an impressive 22 percent compared with the last year, and they are already 28 percent of the American market. The imports fell for a short time in 2016 because the US government imposed some restrictions on steel imported from China and other nations, but they have increased again.

Top executives from US Steel, Nucor Corp, and other companies have complained about the crisis. The US President will have 90 days to take the right measures after the US Commerce Department submits its examination.

A deadline had been set

Wilbur Ross, the US Commerce Secretary, had already set a deadline for announcing his advice related to the steel industry, but it was delayed because there were negotiations with China.

The US President stated later that a final decision may wait because there are other key issues on his agenda. The steel executives don't want it to be postponed again; they think this is already a critical moment.

Trump is dealing with a lot of issues

The US President has been dealing with a lot of important issues, which range from the crisis in North Korea to the fiscal policy.

The difficult relationship with the Communist country has been a priority the last years. The capacity utilization of the US steel industry is about 75 percent, this is relatively low. The decisions that Trump takes will be key to protect the local industry.