Hollywood Celebrities giving a glimpse of their private world to their adoring fans can be a real treat. Paparazzi intruding in their lives and publishing photos of their family members may, however, lead to a legal battle like what France’s Voici magazine and its photographers currently face. The legal complaint was lodged by george clooney after unauthorized snaps of his newborn twins with his famous wife Amal came out in Voici.

Invasion of privacy is a common complaint of many celebrities. More responsible journalists do know when to draw the line between covering certain things and respecting the rights of individuals.

The media covered the arrival of George Clooney and Amal’s twins, mentioning details like the names of the twins, Alexander and Ella, and the upscale private wing of the hospital where Amal gave birth.

Exposing kids to public scrutiny

When Voici magazine climbed over the fence of the Clooney estate and took photographs without the actor nor his wife’s permission, it was asking for trouble. Serious concerns on exposing their children to public scrutiny have been expressed by such celebrities as Stella McCartney.

Conversely, Hollywood actresses like Megan Fox, who recently shared snaps of her kids with Brian Austin Green on Instagram, underscore that sharing snippets of one’s private life comes with being a celebrity.

Yet some reporters and photographers cross the line and share with the public even what celebrities regard as highly personal or off-limits for public consumption.

Celebrity clashes with paparazzi

Celebrity clashes with the paparazzi have been happening for a long time. Famous Hollywood couples like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, as well as Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, were hounded by paparazzi prior to and after their divorces.

These couples have learned how to take it all in stride, though in several instances they have appealed to photographers to respect their privacy.

Not all celebrities are as forgiving, though. In 2008, “Harry Potter” author JK Rowling and husband Dr. Neil Murray won a landmark case whereby the court ruled that kids of celebrities must be safeguarded from being needlessly exposed to publicity by the unauthorized publication of their photographs. The couple maintained that redress was sought because they needed to convey that children deserve to grow up without unwarranted intrusions on their privacy, something that George Clooney echoed.