Ronald Reagan's former chief of staff, Ken Duberstein, said General John Kelly will bring experience to the White House. Mr. Duberstein claims that he will also act as a "reality therapist" to the President. After succeeding Reince Priebus, Reagan's former chief of staff said the general will be "effective and on target."

However, in years to come when the Trump presidency is over, many people will talk about the current Chief of Staff as a significant agent who helped rescue the current administration's misfortunes. General John Kelly has entered office at the right time for he is the right person for the job.

Provide the White House with a sense of military discipline

General Kelly served in the Marines for five decades. This quality alone will provide the White House with a sense of military order necessary to manage its current chaos. He is respected by Republicans and Democrats. If the Chief of Staff can act as a bridge between Congress and the White House, he may be able to gain the trust and support of the politicians President Trump needs in order to pass his legislation. Many of the President's closest allies fear him, which means the Marine general will demonstrate no hesitation in disciplining them.

In order to succeed in the White House, General Kelly must implement a process of decision-making which President Trump supports.

If colleagues can obey a chain of command similar to what the Chief of Staff is used to in the Marines, productivity will sharply increase. And as a result of breaching this structure, staff should be fired immediately. Sean Spicer exceeded his time in office after engaging in numerous misdemeanors, and this should never happen again.

President Trump's key campaign pledge last year was to cut business taxes by 75 per cent in order to attract American firms that have relocated abroad. If the President intends to gain Congress's support for this measure, General Kelly should utilize his contacts in the Republican Party. These include established figures like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Political Director Bill Stepien and Counselor Kellyanne Conway.

The President still has substantial support in the GOP

Though it is hard to believe, the President still has substantial support in the GOP. He has a large base of Republican activists who support him. If General Kelly can urge the Trump administration to reach out to them, they will canvass GOP politicians to vote for his measures. The two most radical policies he wants to implement (repealing Obamacare and tax reform) are almost dead and the President's supporters will be crucial in reviving these campaign pledges.

The new Chief of Staff is in an unenviable position, but there are high expectations he will save Donald Trump's presidency, and he will.