I think the GOP should get their religion figured out before they start trying to use it to pass laws based therein. What is this business of building walls to shut out poor people trying to find better lives? What is this nonsense about screwing millions out of health coverage? How can you pray in the morning and have tried to kill 20 million people by days end?!

The weight

I’m not religious. I personally think it’s all ridiculous. I’m pretty sure that it is all but impossible to live a properly examined life if your head is continuously subjected to such high levels of cognitive dissonance (The state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.).

That is not to say, though, that I have not spent a good many years trying to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. Peer pressure is heavy. I have read the books, several of them from many equally irrational perspectives.

The dilemma lies in the books they read. If you want to be a good person, then there is a small fraction of every religion that can suggest that you be one. But the fact remains; the bulk of most religious texts are about what you can’t do, how badly you will suffer if you do said things, and how to kill those that are not doing them correctly. One could easily see how difficult it would be to be a good or sane person while having such contradictory cognitions.

Stay on or get off?

So you folks in the GOP need to decide which part of your antiquated religious morals you wish to use.

Are you intent on killing people that won’t repent as your religion defines it? Or do you simply stop caring whether or not they live? Where is the disconnect?

How do you so easily dismiss millions of people from life sustaining health coverage? Do you tell yourself that they must be ‘unbelievers’; that they deserve it? Where do you draw your lines?

And how the hell do you know where to draw them?!

The Want My Cake and Eat It Too Party

Most importantly, how do you reconcile the timeless Republican position of wanting the government to stay out of your business, with building walls and deciding who can and can not have abortions, sex changes, or health coverage? Are you trying to say that you want the government to leave you alone and yet still give you whatever you want?

Doesn’t that sound a bit like the “freeloaders” you guys seem bent on getting rid of?

The GOP party is a pale reflection of what it once was. To my recollection, before George W., Republicans at least seemed not to be burdened with such instability. But ever since George HW Bush was dethroned before his time, and after eight years of Republicans trying to ruin the presidency of Bill Clinton, the idiot son, George W Bush was elected, the party has been as stable as a three legged ladder.

Momma always said, stupid is as stupid does

I think that once an ‘idiot’ Republican was elected to our highest public office, it paved the way for the fundamentalists to ease their way in. When the last decent (used lightly) Republican president was dethroned by a better Democrat president, it seemed as if Republicans suddenly reverted to petty childish games and bickering.

It has been that way ever since.

Once stupidity was accepted in a president, for two terms no less, it evidently became an accepted norm within the Republican party. A very large impoverished, poorly educated, fundamentally religious portion of the country subsequently found a home there. And here we are.