San Francisco 49ers player Eric Reid has knelt for the National Anthem as I believe that he should have considering that it was coming. The 49ers were willing to let Kaepernick go after last season, and it appears that they were happy to be rid of the fuss. They have picked up a new problem in Eric Reid, and I hope that they will be a bit more forgiving of Reid. Showing support for the cause that Kaepernick knelt for is a necessity in today's NFL, and the issue keeps coming up every week. Reid is just one of many.

It will spread through the NFL

Kneeling for the national anthem will spread throughout the NFL, and I believe there are much more people who will be emboldened to do so in the future.

The season has one more week of preseason games, 18 weeks of games, and four weeks of playoff games. Someone will find it in their heart to show support for the cause, and they will make a statement one after another. Someone who was on the fence about kneeling for the anthem might want to do it now.

We cannot be mad at everyone

There is no way in the world that someone who supports standing for the national anthem can hate every player in the league who is kneeling for the national anthem. I would be shocked and amazed if the fans of the NFL had the time or energy to be outraged at every player like Eric Reid who has knelt for the anthem. The anthem itself is a symbol you are more than welcome to stand for, but there are dozens of players who have been kneeling and sitting for the anthem for years in the past.

We were never mad at them, so it must be something else.

The cause is what matters

The cause that is at the heart of the national anthem protest is what rubs people the wrong way because they allow too many excuses for others who are not standing go for the anthem. Someone who is up in arms about how the anthem is observed must get up enough energy to be upset at Eric Reid, Marshawn Lynch, and everyone else.

They need to be sure to be up in arms about why these guys have jobs in the league, and I expect them to call sports radio stations on Monday to complain every one of them. They should make a list, and they should keep that list until they have no one else to root for in the NFL. Professional sports will fall apart because there are too many social justice warriors in the games, and we can all find another way to spend out free time.

Or, we could get over it and move on with our lives. If you have that much energy to use opposing social justice, you can use it to support your team.