First, let me clear up any questions. You will concede Trump lives in a tower. But calling him a would-be dictator will irritate many readers. And I am sure many would say they are not Scared To Death. I am not scared to death. But many are, in areas deemed vulnerable, like Guam.

Dog whistle

Of course, if you follow Trump's foolish America First dog whistle, you may think America ends where there are no more red states. In which case, what the rest of the world feels and thinks is of no concern. Let me further aggravate Trumpians by evoking the name of one high on their knee-jerk hate list, Susan Rice.

Susan is another reminder of how frail the ground must be to toss full-blown attacks into the porous political atmosphere. Here is some veracity from Susan.

Susan Rice's truth

Susan calmly tells us how to buy some needed time during a crisis that does not need any speeding up. If Trump is impatient he should go to the john. Frankly, everything Susan says is a good argument for Trump remaining in the tower when he goes there this weekend. Everything on this page is a testimony to the almost universal opinion that Trump has said exactly the wrong thing, evoking the very worst moment within memory -- the commencement of the lunacy-laden war in Iraq.

The view from Guam

In case you are wondering, Guam is a tiny US territory in the Pacific Ocean. The residents have no vote but in 2016 they broke for Clinton by a margin of three to one. The war of words in the NYT headline above needs no explanation.

We have a sense that while many of Trump's toxic words may be forgotten, his words in this situation will not be lost. That is sadness for America We have a narcissist in charge who does not care what happens to anyone but himself.

The China card

Anyone who watches "Madam Secretary" knows that against China we need serious brain work along with our ideals.

Unfortunately, ideals have been thrown out by Trump and his colleagues. And as China clearly perceives, there is nothing to fear in the area of mental acuity. I am sure that if China -- both a human rights disaster and a sad emulator of America's idolization of the car -- applies itself, It can emerge the victor.

What Trump has done to human rights will go down in history as one of the worst crimes against the world ever committed. The world likes to feature the glitzy stories with dramatic deaths. We do not cry when figures show the toll taken each year by our war fetish combined with our willingness to let tyrants run free. I watched this at the UN and so did people like Susan Rice. Trump ignores it. It doesn't pay. Except in all that really matters.