When the news that Hillary Clinton, the twice failed presidential candidate, may be turning toward the Lord for solace, eyebrows raised across the United States. Ed Klein, who has written several books on both the Clintons and the Obamas, has provided a possible explanation as to why Clinton has had a sudden spiritual awakening. It seems that the justice department is taking a renewed interest in the matter of the email servers.

A ‘plea deal’ offered

Klein reports that the Justice Department has reopened the investigation, which had been opened and closed twice by former FBI Director Comey, of the email server matter.

Clinton is accused of leaving highly classified emails on an unsecured server to evade the purview of government auditors. The theory is that some of the emails contained details of some of the shadier pay for play schemes run by the Clinton Foundation in which the former Secretary of State sold her office in exchange for donations to the foundation.

A high-ranking official of the Justice Department has met with a Clinton lawyer and has offered a deal. If Ms. Clinton signs a document admitting what she did and that it was in violation of the law, the Justice Department will not prosecute her. The offer is being described as a “plea deal” but such deals are only offered after an arraignment and not before.

Will Hillary Clinton take the deal?

Klein thinks that Clinton will not take the deal. She is too proud to admit to doing anything wrong. However, that means that the investigation goes forward with inevitable criminal charges. The Justice Department, now under new management, thinks that it has more than enough evidence to convict Clinton and put her in jail.

The argument against prosecuting Hillary Clinton is that it is unseemly for the Trump administration to go up against a political opponent. On the other hand, Trump promised to put Clinton in jail during the campaign -- to her face during a debate, in fact. Even after the campaign, mentions of the former secretary of state at rallies sparked chants of, “Lock her up!

Lock her up!”

Trump can also reflect that his enemies are not so finicky about putting him in jail given half a chance. Indeed, if the Democrats take the House, impeachment is said to be the first order of business. Besides, the president has to know that putting Clinton in the dock would create the biggest media circus since the O.J. Simpson trial. Such a story would last for months and would drive almost every other story -- except a war in Korea -- off the news entirely.