Greetings on this serene Sunday, Virgo! Your purpose on this earth is all your own and no one but you ,can journey along your unique path. Your birthday sweeps in from August 23 to September 22, making you the perfectionist of the zodiac. You are forever searching for someone to nurture and protect and family values are of the highest importance to you. Today’s daily Lovescope for Virgo speaks about being straightforward with those you love.

What to expect

Singles: You feel vulnerable expressing yourself to your certain someone and who doesn’t, really?

It's so much better to come across as a straight shooter than be viewed as sneaky or underhanded. If you’re really interested and you are, make sure that this person understands exactly what you mean, how you feel and what you’re looking for. It’s better for you both to know where you stand so then action can be taken in the right direction, Virgo.

Couples: It may be time for a break Virgo. You’ve been feeling much too confined in this relationship and restrictions only limit your happiness and hold you back from expressing the real you. You want something different but are not sure exactly what? Is it a change of scenery? A new hobby? A new partner who actually makes you feel alive? Hmmm…The stars say that whatever you decide, be prepared to deal with the consequences.

If there's something about your relationship that needs a little thought or processing, now's the time to take action, Virgo. Sometimes you underestimate your own reasoning and power but you can, if you try, really influence the course of things.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: Although love sweeps through your mind every day, most of the day, family comes first Virgo.

Today, the stars urge you to put aside your own needs and attend to a relative in dire need of a shoulder to cry on and maybe, a generous dose of unbiased advice. Your affairs of the heart can do with a rest day so put romantic matters on the back burner and you be sweetly rewarded by the stars in due time.

For those of you already in a relationship: Misunderstandings may come up, but only if you allow your partner to get the wrong idea today Virgo.

It’s a day to talk one on one but you’re finding it hard to put your feelings into words. If you are afraid of how you’ll be received, then write out your feelings in a letter, ahead of time.

You can use the notes as a reference or just tie it with a bow, spritz it with perfume or cologne and send the letter to your beloved. There’s no doubt he/she will be surprised, but they’ll definitely be touched by your efforts and quickly come around.

Thank you for stopping by, dear friend. That’s it for today’s daily Lovescope for Virgo and we certainly hope that you’ve enjoyed it. We’ll have more insight from the stars bright and early tomorrow so, see you then!