Sunday pops into your life today Leo with the reminder that every struggle you’ve overcome has shaped you into the incredible, resilient person you are today. Your birthday between July 23 and August 22 makes you emotionally strong, but very controlling of your loved one. You need to temper this trait because it can lead to conflict in your relationships. Today’s daily Lovescope for Leo speaks about breathing new life into your relationships.

What to expect

Singles: Less is more? Ha! More is more is more like it. Ohh Leo, you lion of extravagance.

Today you may need to tone it down because although you are fond of excess, a little too much of a good thing can actually be a bad thing. When it comes to emotions the potential for an explosion is right.

Links with Libras are often problematic because they always want to have their own way and try their own things without giving you time to even react. Is this person really the one for you? Think carefully, Leo. You’re no wallflower and whoever you’re with needs to respect you, not abuse your patience.

Couples: Insert a modicum of jealousy in your relationship, those with rising signs in Virgo. The stars remind you that a little disagreement sometimes helps the relationship but they warn you not to exaggerate Leo.

You don’t want your partner walking out on you!

Blah, blah blah Leo. You are pulling out your hair having to sit through and listen to the same boring old talk today with your partner. You’re certain that the peeling wallpaper at grandma’s house is more exciting than this! Well, don’t mope.

The stars urge you to get out and go somewhere where you can discuss things that are much more eclectic and will broaden your horizons.

Maybe even take you on a mental whirlwind cruise. Don’t worry about leaving the nest, for all you know, your partner is probably very glad to get rid of you for the day so he/she can have some peace and quiet.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: Someone has you confused, which is weird for you Leo. You can't decide what to do: should you play coy, should you do handstands to attract their attention, should you just give them space to decide that you’re the most amazing person on this planet?

Weigh the options with your socially savvy friends who will happily show you the way to go.

For those of you already in a relationship: Every relationship, no matter how incredible, needs constant attention to succeed. Things need to be kept fresh but most importantly, you both need to feel loved and cherished. Today, your relationship will bring you a lot of satisfaction so indulge in the sweet moments but keep on nurturing your union. Intensify your romance through recreational activities and entertainment and express your love every day, don’t just wait for a special moment.

Thank you for reading your daily Lovescope for Leo. We’ve enjoyed consulting the stars on your behalf and will be doing it all over again tomorrow. Have a blessed Sunday and please remember to share your reading on social media.