The best of Saturday’s tidings to you Virgo! Your birth between August 23 and September 22 makes you duty bound to family, friends and lovers. Lots of responsibility however, can easily make you cranky and pressured. In today’s daily Lovescope for Virgo, we’re going to talk about seeing your special someone in a brand new light .

What to expect

Singles: You’re a bit of a hoarder, especially when it comes to things of a sentimental nature. You know the value of things and keep thinking that maybe you’ll have some use for them in the future. Step back Virgo...maybe hanging onto these mementos of your past is the reason you can’t move onto a new love.

The stars say it’s time to throw out the garbage and organize your clutter. You never know when you'll want to entertain.Tonight if you have an ascendant in Capricorn, you'll meet a new partner who will find you fascinating.

Couples: It’s not what you say, but how you say it Virgo! You mean it in the best, most constructive way possible, but all your partner’s hearing is that he/she is not doing it right. Let them know what you love about them--and just maybe, let them do it their way for now.

You'll display your passion with a certain amount of arrogance especially mid-morning. Today, there is quite possibly going to be that invigorating combination of forces happening between you and your baby that can best be described as 'creativity-leads-to-kissing!' Enjoy it!

If you were born in the third decade, you'll be highly sensual and will find new ways to excite your partner.

Sometimes love blossoms anew in an exotic or tropical environment, and new dimensions to the relationship are suddenly revealed. It is possible today, due to a little atmospheric creativity which makes the way for a night of fun and fantasy.

It’s certainly great to discover new things about each other. With today's planetary energy, love develops in a new direction right at home in your usual environment. Don't skip on suitable props, as they are vital.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: Your Virgo nature makes you truly sincere and caring to a fault.

Yours is one of the most compassionate of all the signs in the zodiac. You sense people’s inner feelings and know instinctively when being generous will have the most impact. Someone special notices your stellar attributes.

For those of you already in a relationship: Like attracts like and that’s your lesson for today. Your kindness and sensitivity are at an all time high, and your partner responds. Be both a good communicator and a good listener today and you will find that your relationship reaches new heights. You will find that the more charming and more self-confident you are, the more your partner responds to you, emotionally and physically.

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