Tuesday has docked in your harbor Scorpio and is telling you that you have a choice: you can focus on what’s tearing you apart, or on what’s holding you together. Your birth between October 23rd and November 21st makes you a strong follower of your instincts and prone to getting your own way in most situations. Today’s Daily Lovescope for Scorpio speaks about giving yourself a fair chance at love.

What to expect:

Singles: You are quite intuitive Scorpio, and while you know that it is good and bad in everyone, you choose not to really trust anyone and keep yourself mysterious.

Most people enjoy a sense of the unknown but when getting to know someone intimately, holding back yourself is just unfair to the other person. Letting yourself be vulnerable when getting to know someone is a gift, not a fault. So try to develop compassion and let him/her see past your stony exterior.

You may have a bit of aggression today and need to work it out. Try hitting the gym or running around your neighborhood. You just might meet someone interesting while you’re out who could lend a listening ear, Scorpio.

Couples: Relationships require sacrifice from time to time, and your Capricorn partner is willing to give up something just to make you happy today. Make sure you return the favor when you can with lots of love and appreciation.

If you slow down enough today, you see a deeper side to your darling that really gets you thinking that you struck gold. Ups and downs are expected but letting your bad mood ruin any chance of finding common ground simply won’t work today. Talk it out rationally and don’t be edgy. Your partner actually has a lot to say to you.

How to get through your day:

For those looking for love: Are you glowing Scorpio? Whatever is that little rosy blush about? The stars say you may just be in love and so, you’re all tangled up thinking about your beloved. It’s nice to have your head in the clouds, especially when they’re so fluffy but a word to the wise: please keep your feet on the ground, before you float off, far away from reality.

For those of you already in a relationship: Gossip, philosophical debates, and musings are all well and good, and when your partner tries to engage your mind today, you’re initially willing to give in. Lengthy discussions could eventually leave you feeling overwhelmed, and you’ll just want to escape and fast. If you have some other pressing matter, politely make your exit but remind them that you’ll be thinking about what they said and be back later for some sweet loving.

That’s a wrap for today’s daily Lovescope for Scorpio. Thank you for joining us for your reading, and we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.