Tuesday has arrived with a special message for you: Don’t look back, you’re not going that way! Your birth between September 23rd and October 22nd makes you easily influenced by others. In your quest to please everyone, life often finds you sitting on the fence, rather than choosing sides. Today’s daily Lovescope for Libra speaks about ensuring that others are being fair with you.

What to expect:

Singles: There's more going on than you're aware of, and it's all happening under the surface. When someone unexpected asks you out on a date, you’ll get a romantic surprise out of the blue.

Keep a watchful eye on him/her because they’re quite interested. The stars are giving their go-ahead, so take up the offer, have fun and playful conversation, be yourself, and see where this could go. It’s a really wonderful time.

Someone you’ve not been too focused on comes into your stratosphere again today and you suddenly realize how interested they are in you. Could this be love? Well, it might be, Libra, but first thing's first, like finding out their name.

Couples: If you can learn to neutralize aggression today, your relationship will be perfect. Relationships are about give and take so try not to be overbearing but at the same time, don’t let anyone take advantage of you. The stars promise great intellectual and spiritual harmony which could make a world of difference to both your outlooks and experiences, so, be open to it all.

Sometimes you just have to let go of your inhibitions in order to accept what the universe is offering you, and today is such a day.

Your relationship moves forward quite nicely today when you and your partner collaborate on something exciting and fun. Handicraft, cooking, even making the bed will have you both in stitches!

Smiles will be forthcoming and so will his/her affection.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: Perfect agreement is signaled today if you’re with a Capricorn. Communication moves both ways and you’re happy to see that finally, you’re both on the same page. Let love be your main and most trusted resource. For all you know, you could be at the door of opportunity so start turning that knob.

For those of you in a relationship: Information is coming at you from all sides today. Some of it gets you really sparked while other details make you bored. Discussions with your partner could be especially revealing but read between the lines. Is he/she trying to change you? Think carefully about your response. You’re all about being accommodating and understanding but this is simply not what you signed up for.

That was your daily Lovescope for Libra. See you tomorrow for more!