Hi Pisces! A pleasant Friday to you and yours. Your sign between February 19th to March 20th makes you very patient with your loved ones, but every rope has an end--when you get to the end of your tether--boom! Today’s daily Lovescope for Pisces speaks about the need for re-connection with your partner on a much deeper level.

What to expect:

Singles: How can people try to win your heart, if they don’t even know that you exist? The trick is to go to a venue or event that really interests you. Lose yourself in the moment, and someone will find you.

It might even be time to ask someone to put in a good word for you, and there’s no shame in that. There's a chance that you-know-who hasn't even registered your presence yet, but with the help of a little PR, that could change. Venture out dateless today, and you might find more prospects than you would have believed.

Couples: You are your darling’s biggest cheerleader. You're also a creature of love and a little bit of habit, and the stars are sending extra positive energy your way today. You've got affection galore to lavish on your honey, and you're also feeling pretty great about your own sweet self. Is it because you have such an excellent sense of direction? Such a keen sense of smell?

Such sharp hearing? You’re just superb aren’t you Pisces?

Precious moments in your relationship could be spoilt today by work problems so try not to be beaten down by anxiety or mix your personal with your professional life. If your partner's sign is Libra, tonight you won't have difficulty convincing him or her to accept your advances.Try to communicate not only your physical desire but also your deepest feelings.

How to get through your day:

For those looking for love: Fantasy or reality? Who cares?! Today's celestial configuration means that you will feel even more deeply passionate than normal. The tides of a more spiritual current are sweeping you up into a romantic frenzy that is based more on fantasy than on actual fact. Make sure you have your feet on the ground before you step into the sea and don’t forget to float if things get tough.

For those of you already in a relationship: Today you are able to reconnect with your partner in ways you haven’t been able to recently. It may be that the routine of work day life and domestic life has stamped out any hint of romance that your relationship had in the beginning. Today, however, your partner is craving your attention so chummy up and rekindle the romance to get those sparks flying again.

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