Saturday is happy to be here, just as much as you’re happy to see it. Your birthday between July 23rd and August 22nd makes you driven to excel in all aspects of life. Failure scares you to death. Today’s daily Lovescope for Leo speaks about being satisfied that love is looking out for you.

What to expect

Singles: When you finally decide to stop pursuing love, it finds you in the strangest of places, Leo. Today, you might strike up an interesting conversation with the guy pumping your gas or the lady waiting in line behind you at the bakery. You both love meat pies?

Fabulous! Keep your mind open to new experiences and you’ll be amazed at what and who you find.

The cosmic atmosphere is great today, so just have fun, be yourself, and the right person will come along. You will enjoy the energy of today, especially if you are single and looking out for someone to share your optimistic outlook on life. Go somewhere where you can meet those who enjoy the same kind of sporting activities that you do. Or perhaps join a philosophical discussion group.

Couples: Being intimate can be a little nerve-wracking for the first time, Leo, but after a few times with your partner, you two just develop a certain groove. Lately, though, you’ve been finding yourself wanting to try new things in the bedroom, but you’re scared to tell your lover about your desires.

Well, you have a choice: either man up and gently approach the topic by asking their opinion of it or, you can say nothing and keep fantasizing about porn stars doing to you what you want to do to your lover. The choice is yours, Leo.

It’s a bed and breakfast kind of day, so treat your honey to their favorite and then dive back under the covers for dessert!

It’s a day of great communication so whatever plans you two made for this weekend, those are forecast to follow through.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: If you are getting closer to a Libra, be open to change. Some things have been taking place between you and your partner, to which he/she has been responding negatively.

It may hurt to have to change your outlook here, but if you’re in it for the long haul, you’ve got to do this.

For those of you already in a relationship: If you are in a relationship you will find that today is a day you share much joy and passion with each other. This is a day to sit back and reflect on all that you have shared, and appreciate the bond that you share. You can also share some moments with each other today in which you are really laughing and enjoying each other’s company. These are times to be savored.

That was your daily Lovescope for Leo. Have a wonderful day!