Hi, Geminis! A sweet Saturday to you! Your sign runs from May 21st and June 21st making you a born communicator. Your daily Lovescope for Gemini speaks about using your charm and various talents to get your way.

What to expect

Singles: Did you ever hear the saying ‘your health is your wealth?’ Well, it is and today you are conscious of everything you eat and what effect it has on your complexion, your well-being and so on. Your desire to look and feel great has triggered this change and oh right!--the fact that you’ve got a new crush that you’re trying to impress!

Turns out though that someone else you know has the same feelings for your cutie. Well, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone-- just as long as you make sure that it stays friendly. Be honorable and forthright, but be at the top of your game. You’re in this to win!

Couples: It’s usually the little things that count and in today’s busy world, relationships need more attention than ever. Take time today to let your partner know how much you value them; how much their support means to you; how adorable they look while they’re sleeping; how much you love them! Then, after you’ve buttered them up, please try to avoid small arguments--any arguments at all! Emotions are running high and insignificant issues could get blown out of proportion--but only if you let them!

If you have a rising sign in Taurus, great news is promised but for now, you need to step back and be satisfied with living a bit under the radar and accepting situations which you don't feel are congenial. If your partner is a Gemini, tonight can go two ways: passionate unbridled sex or an obstacle to your reaching maximum pleasure.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: Does a sudden attack of passion threaten to topple you over? Where is that usually calm collected Gemini? It’s an exciting time for you with the stars promising pure adventure and a meeting with a deep connection you have rarely encountered before. How far will you let it go?

Whatever you do, just think with your head first--you do not want to jeopardize all that you’ve built so far and have any regrets tomorrow.

For those in a relationship: Keep a cool head Gemini. That versatile intellect of yours gives you a mastery of processing things at double speed. Minor squabbles will pass in no time because you also know how to work your charm and get your honey wrapped around your little finger. An erotic evening could make every part of your body smile. You are getting better at seduction and this could lead to fireworks.

That’s it for today’s daily Lovescope for Gemini. Don’t forget to share and check back tomorrow to see what the stars have in store.