It’s time for terrific Thursday Capricorns! Your sign runs from December 22nd to January 19th making you goal oriented--you already have a vision of your perfect job and perfect spouse--the problem is achieving your ideals. Today’s daily Lovescope for Capricorn speaks about knowing when it’s time to quit.

What to expect

Singles: Today just seems to be your buffet of yummy options Capricorn and here comes your match made in heaven. You’ve met someone who's as deliberate and careful as you are. Temperament-wise, sparks fly! But who’s going to make the first move?

You know exactly how hard it is to find someone who matches your high standards so don’t let this one slip away. There’s someone else impressed by you today Capricorn, although they might be too shy to say so. If you feel a pair of eyes on you, and they belong to someone cute, don't hesitate to strike up a conversation.

Couples: No one puts baby in a corner! Hmm, where have you heard that before Capricorn? It’s fine to be dirty dancing with your partner but remember, two can play at that game and are you sure that’s what you want? Today you’re feeling all preachy and want to lecture your special someone about issues that may need sorting out. You want him/her to agree with your viewpoint, but that’s the thing about not being a Siamese twin--other people have their own opinions!

Allow them the freedom to think for themselves.

Time to celebrate Capricorn! A new possibility is coming to light now that has a very positive effect on the two of you. Enjoy it and don’t forget to have a proper celebration in honor of your luck and love! You've got stamina, and that means you can work all day, dance all night, smooch into the evening, get up in the morning, and do it all over again!

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: You have all the tools at your disposal to get yourself chosen by the person you like Capricorn--you just need to know how to put those tools to good use. Very lively relationships will start up with strong erotic energy so get your focus in the right direction. Maybe something serious will start up--you’ll never know until you try and the stars are giving you that extra oomph today that makes you quite appealing.

For those already in a relationship: It’s the time to air all grievances especially if you’re unhappy about where this relationship is leading. You want your love life to be more than just physical, but you feel a bit used. Perhaps your partner has been using you for somewhat shallow reasons and has not been as emotionally invested in the relationship as you have been. Talk it out, you deserve to know exactly what’s going on so don’t be sidelined by sweet nothings that are just---nothing!

It has really been a pleasure sharing with you today’s daily Lovescope for Capricorn. Do share us on Facebook and Twitter and enjoy the rest of your Thursday.