Hey, Cancer, happy Tuesday to you and best wishes for an amazing day ahead. Your birth between June 22nd and July 22nd makes you intense and heartfelt in your feelings even though you’re not prone to much outward displays of affection. Today’s daily Lovescope for Cancer speaks about choosing your words wisely.

What to expect:

Singles: Love is a funny thing which can often end up with one or both parties playing the blame game. However, with so much experience to your credit, you’ve wisened up and are finally willing to be responsible for your romantic choices.

Congratulations! The stars smile down on you today with the reassurance that your future will be ever so much brighter now. Living in the past won't help so forgive everyone, then move on.

The chemistry with this other person today is undeniable, Cancer. If you two were instruments, you'd sound beautiful together. There’s no doubt that you are really in tune with this other person, but the question is: Is this object of your affection tuned in to you? Pay attention to words and actions and don’t be too hasty or come across as too needy either. Time reveals all.

Couples: Be tactical today in your choice of words with your partner. You're thinking on your feet with ease today and won’t have trouble holding your own should any conflict arise.

Today you'll feel an uncontrollable need for someone to love -- but don’t worry, something wonderful will occur during the course of the morning. Your partner will be extra attentive to your needs so bask in the attention.

Someone just has a knack for making you fly off the handle. Play it cool, and if you have a rising sign in Aries, play your card of understanding toward that someone right now.

Consider things from his/her perspective and you’ll understand why they are acting that way. Those of the first decade will experience jealousy and a secret desire for an affair. Be careful and rein in that reckless desire.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: With today's planetary energy making a very favorable impression on your day, expect some action at the office.

The funniest things can happen while at work and you’re not to be excluded from this arrangement.

For those of you already in a relationship: Sad to say, but your current relationship is not fulfilling all your desires for a romantic relationship. Today you are preoccupied with negative thoughts and need to make a decision about what to do about your current relationship. If you wish to end it, express yourself clearly and honestly and try to remain friends at the end.

Well, Cancer, that’s all for your insight into your Tuesday. I hope you’ve enjoyed your daily Lovescope for Cancer. Thank you for dropping by.