Hey there Virgo! Your birth sweeps in from August 23rd to September 22nd, making you thoughtful and understanding of other people’s personalities. You don’t judge and so, many feel comfortable discussing their problems with you and seeking your advice. In today’s daily Lovescope for Virgo, we’ll take a look at staying positive through the hard times.

What to expect

Singles: A passionless relationship is not typical of you, although this may be the ticket to cure a suffering heart. You’ve definitely been through the ringer and have ended up feeling empty.

Take some time to yourself, Virgo and realize that you’re worth a whole lot and the right one will come along and love you in ways you never imagined possible. So, enjoy your flirty time with your friend but hold out a bit longer for the real deal.

It’s a hard day emotionally for those with a rising sign of Pisces--but, you’ll manage to face difficulties in romance only if you conserve the reserves of optimism. If you are thinking about entering a relationship with a Sagittarius, employ some affection and patience in your approach.

Couples: Once you start having that heart to heart, you’ll be amazed at the floodgate of emotions that bursts open. Today, let deep talking really take precedence.

The day's planetary alignment means that conversation leads into waters you may have only considered dipping your toe into until now. The bright stars of the sky will support you as it'll finally be the right moment to clarify misunderstandings.

You may realize that you started the day with a great relationship and end it by discovering your soulmate.

During discussions, ‘commitment’ is one word that may be mentioned while the other is ‘love.’ Whatever shall you do with this new burning desire to bond with someone special? The stars say go for it--happily! You are in fact, feeling more committed than ever before, and you can feel the same kind of energy coming from your partner.

It's a good time to talk about the future, so--get to it!

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: It takes a while to get to know a perfect stranger. You have no idea where they're coming from, and they don't know a lot about you either. Sometimes you find out something crucial early on that can save you a lot of effort, time and heartache. So pay attention, be casual and take your time.

For those of you already in a relationship: A walk on the wild side can be tempting, Virgo, but how wild are you willing to get? Today, you’re looking for some excitement in your life, possibly outside your present relationship, but make sure you don’t hurt your partner because you’re sure to regret it.

A little fun shouldn’t come at the expense of something you’ve taken so long to achieve.

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