It’s Tuesday Leo. The week is going by quickly, and you won’t want to miss out on the great sights, sounds, and experiences that it brings along with it. Your birthday between July 23rd and August 22nd gives you irresistible charisma and a proud nature. Today’s daily Lovescope for Leo tells you just to be direct about what you want.

What to expect

Singles: You’re feeling a little emotionally exposed and vulnerable right now, Leo. There isn't a whole lot going on, and it seems like people are losing their heads over the slightest things. Don’t take a page from their book but rather, step away and do something nice for yourself today.

A little pick-me-up is sure to put the sparkle back in your smile.

The shortest distance between two hearts is a direct sentence. Could it be that you've been involved with so many game players that you've forgotten the delicious appeal of the straightforward and direct? Get back in the groove and don’t beat around the bush anymore. Someone special will appreciate your being forward.

Couples: Every day is a new adventure and today, it’s all about discovering a different side to your darling. Whatever you learn will be new and captivating and will keep you humming along sweetly for the rest of the day. Make some quality time together a priority later on.

You’ll be in a generous mood and be tempted to spend, spend, spend.

Hey--you can both enjoy yourselves for free you know? So hide your credit card from yourself, and do the same with your wallet. Then pack a yummy lunch and go hiking with your honey.

For those wishing for more excitement and less humdrum, you’ll have to make a concerted effort today in your relationship to rekindle lost passion.

This is the right time, and you’ll be thrilled you took the initiative. Feeling a little lonely, those of the third decade? Someone close will be only too willing to pour on the love and affection.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: Today, be prepared to be taken down some roads that may lead you to new and exciting places, Leo.

You like your relationships and romances to be going somewhere, preferably, somewhere exciting. The more your romantic prospect one can take you down the less traveled roads, the more you like it, and the astral configuration means that your conversation today can take you a million miles away.

For those of you already in a relationship: Today, you are in a period of interpersonal harmony, Leo. Your relationship with your partner is warm, and you receive loving support in whatever you do. Share your deep feelings with your beloved and this love is sure to come right back to you--in droves!

That’s a wrap for today’s daily Lovescope for Leo. Do enjoy the rest of your tantalizing Tuesday and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow for more valuable insight.