Special greetings to you Taurus! Wednesday has arrived, and we happily welcome you to your daily horoscope for Taurus where Astrologer Megan Wilson shares her insight on what the stars have in store. Let’s see what today holds:

What to expect

It’s time to buckle down Taurus, and the moon in Aquarius brings you back to your responsibilities. The recent frivolity and socializing have taken their toll, and you need to wind down now, relax and get your house and your life back in order. As much as you have enjoyed the parties and the laughs, there are some pending matters that you simply have to take care of.

Use today to get yourself back on track. It is best to delay any investment related decision making till tomorrow. To enhance your luck, the color forest green will do the trick.

Knowledge is power and lucky for you that life is an ongoing learning experience. Today, an encounter with a new culture or a new way of doing things opens your eyes to the possibilities in ways you never dreamed of. Your willingness to learn, combined with your charm leads to building bridges that might just prove pretty permanent. Go ahead and explore this situation to the fullest extent possible. It just goes to show you that it's always worth it to take a chance.

An emotional tug-of-war seems imminent today even though you're trying your best to get along with everyone who crosses your path.

Not everyone can bounce back from disappointments as quickly as you can so bear in mind that you have to be gentle in your approach. When you realize however that someone could get hurt -- someone who's not nearly as well-armed as you are, you have the good sense to stop tugging. Give them time, and they’ll come around.

Today you'll feel like a diversion.

If the sport's no good, try a mental activity like chess or a puzzle.

If you were born in the second decade, you can count on your beloved's wonderful support so don't worry about any upsetting events that may crop up. Tonight, happiness is on the cards. Are you ready for a hot, hot night? The stars advise you to mingle and get to know new people.

As for long standing friends and family, try deepening your relations with them.

To get through your day, Taurus

Love can appear when you least expect it and there’s a good chance it is coming your way, Taurus. You're likely to be more passionate than usual but be careful that your enthusiasm for the object of your desire doesn't go overboard. It's possible that you have an unrealistic view of the situation. It also could be that someone is leading you on and making you think something that isn't completely true. Watch your back today.

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