A happy Tuesday to you Scorpio and with it, the wish that your inner desires are fulfilled today. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson offers a full description of what you can expect today in your daily horoscope for Scorpio so let’s see what’s in store:

What to expect

You know you can win and win easily, but today you can't find the energy to fight. You're done talking about the issue that's been making you crazy for weeks, if not months. You're so done that even when a certain someone who's ordinarily quite good at pushing your buttons starts to subtly poke at you, you won't bite.

You’re just not feeling to get out your Scorpion sting for anyone right now. It's just as well. You have bigger fish to fry.

Make sure you carve out some time to spend with your thoughts today because creativity is paramount in your heart and mind. You're great at making the pieces come together in any way you wish, so exercise that talent as much as you can. Go ahead and give in to any impulses to doodle or get some painting done. Take long walks, stand on your head and cross your eyes -- do whatever it takes to get a fresh perspective and stimulate your right brain activity. How about trying your hand at pottery or DIY--it will help you to unwind. Just stop worrying already!

You’re a tad possessive in love, Scorpio and while that can be cute for a while, it just ends up becoming a bit overbearing eventually.

Today, give your loved one a little space, not only to clear their head but to appreciate the time spent with you when it eventually comes around again.

You may feel a great urge to dive headfirst into a project, Scorpio. Perhaps there's a plot of ground that you want to turn into a garden or an old room that you’d like to make your new boudoir.

There are so many things rushing through your mind all at once but don’t lose yourself in a frenzy. Pick one project and see it to completion before bustling off to another.

How to get through your day

Orange is your lucky color for today, Scorpio and speaking of oranges, how that health of yours? The stars suggest it may be time for a check up and if you’re too busy right now, remember to take your Daily vitamins and supplements.

The position of the moon in Taurus should make you wary of eating out, and you’d be extra wise to keep a close eye on your diet. Exercise is also important today so try to incorporate any bit of jogging, swimming, biking or any fun filled activities into your schedule to keep yourself fit. Anything you can do to spend quality time with those who are very close to you will have beautiful results today as well.

It has been a pleasure sharing with you today’s daily horoscope for Scorpio by Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson. Feel free to share this reading with your friends and family, and we certainly look forward to seeing you again soon!