Tuesday greetings to you, Leo. Today, roar like the lion that you are, not letting anyone or anything get in your way of happiness or success. Here is what the stars want to share with you, so let’s take a look at what your daily horoscope for Leo has to say.

What to expect

Your mind is like a sponge and you pick up information quickly, Leo. Someone only needs to explain something to you once for you to grasp the concept. Your questions are concise and no one can accuse you of not paying attention to his or her words or actions. At the same time, an overload of stimuli could eventually overwhelm you because you may be too sensitive to the information at hand.

Today you’re going to be even more verbally reckless than usual while everyone else is quite chatty. Now, it's not like you've ever needed any help getting inspired to say exactly what you want to say, so just imagine what today's verbosity will bring. You'd better warn anyone who startles easily. Or, maybe not.

You are quite a colourful character, Leo. Your flair for the dramatic comes in handy when it comes to telling a story, conveying your emotions and getting people on the same page. From work to play, you've got that special something that makes your words captivate everyone who’s listening. In fact, you're having so much fun with it that you want to find ways to keep it going through the night.

How about a karaoke place with some friends?

Today you are reminiscing about the good old days and the desire to turn back time is haunting you. Get out your old photos and family slides and make a collage you can hang up and smile at every time you pass by. If you are of the second decade, work to reach independence and get rid of a false love that doesn't satisfy you.

Hypocrisy doesn't help anyone so avoid it when you can and seek your happiness elsewhere.

How to get through your day

The stars suggest that you buckle up and plan a strategy to meet your goals. Do not let little hindrances that crop up dampen your mood or put you off track. Organize yourself and and take control of events that are slowing your progress.

Thinking about them is the hard part, but once you start taking action, things become easier. Don’t let your distractions steer you away from remembering deadlines, especially if it’s for an application for a job, school program, or scholarship -- send them in on time. Be mature and responsible. Your lucky color today is purple.

That’s it for today’s daily horoscope for Leo. Thanks for stopping by.