It’s Wednesday dear Pisces and a great day to count your blessings. Today, follow author Maya Angelou’s advice as you try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. There is always a reason to smile. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson has valuable information for you today so don’t delay! We now present to you, your daily horoscope for Pisces.

What to expect

Instead of relying on others to guide you right, how about counting on your intuition to lead you down the right path Pisces? Not everyone who smiles at you is a friend and not all persons who stare blankly, are enemies.

Use your judgment wisely and of course, your common sense to get through the day. Channel your guardian angel for assistance if need be, by wearing sapphire blue. Your dreams carry important messages Pisces, so start keeping a journal to document your nightly visions.

You’re ready to let down your hair today and kick back Pisces. But, at the same time, you don’t want to relax alone. Sometimes it’s just one of those lazy periods where no one can be bothered to leave the house. Today though, you encourage your friends to come over and chill. You can mix up some margaritas or enjoy juicing your favorite fruits, maybe even cook up some delicious Chinese food, whatever you fancy. For those who claim they can’t make it, try Skyping them so they won’t feel left out.

In spite of the success and ongoing good circumstances, you’ve never been boastful Pisces. You’ve also never looked down your nose at others who are struggling to make their way up. You respect their journey since you know how hard yours was. Your humility is admired by many and that’s part of the reason people are drawn to you.

That, and the fact that you’re fun, desirable and playful. Sterling opportunities are moseying along to you so make the most of them. You’ll be shocked at what else you achieve by simply stepping outside your comfort zone. Best of luck Pisces!

How to get through your day

In order to receive, you must be prepared to give a little and today you need to drop whatever baggage you may have been holding onto.

If someone has been taking and taking and not giving an ounce of kindness back, leave that joker in the dust! Today, make peace with your past and encourage the stars to send you someone new who will love every sweet bit of you. Remain stimulated and follow the stars to your one true love. He/she has been waiting a very long time for you.

That’s all for today’s insight from the stars Pisces. Thank you for visiting and we hope that you now feel much more equipped to face your day with confidence. Join us tomorrow for Thursday’s daily horoscope for Pisces.