It’s Sunday dear Pisces and Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson has valuable information for you today. We now present to you, your daily horoscope for Pisces:

What to expect

An authority figure you've admired and respected for some time is about to let you know that the feelings are mutual! You’re thrilled and particularly so, because what could be better than having the respect of your mentor? Keep in mind, though, that if you hadn't earned this, it wouldn't be coming your way. Once you stop bouncing off the walls and squealing in delight, celebrate your good luck Pisces!

Isn't a celebration in order? If you felt like certain things in life were carved in stone, today might be the day they turn to dust. The stars are telling you to go with the flow, rather than trying to force things to go your way. You might just encounter some lovely surprises Pisces, if you’re willing to embrace flexibility and change.

You could be prey to boredom today, so get together some phone numbers and start dialing! This evening, invite some friends over for a home cooked meal. If cooking is not in your plans, then organize an evening out. You could head out for dinner, drinks, dancing, or all three!

You may find yourself struggling to remain focused on your work today Pisces. Wear something green to ensure good luck and this shall certainly work in your favor.

Minor distractions like social media or irritating co workers will shift your focus. However, before the end of the day, you’ll be lucky enough to complete most of your important tasks. Don't daydream about your future and try your best to keep your goal in mind. Watch what you eat today, as you may face minor health issues.

How to get through your day

Easy success and some unexpected offers could go to your head today Pisces. Try staying grounded. And beware of following dreams which could end up having no foundation. Keep a watch over your tongue as well. The stars say you risk saying too much and could regret it so, just think first.

You may not feel quite like your usual upbeat self, Pisces, but it’s nothing to be concerned about.

It's just that you have a lot to do and are extremely conscientious! See if you can't get out for some fun after you've finished your tasks. You've earned a break.

That’s all for today’s insight from the stars Pisces. Thank you for visiting and we hope that you now feel much more equipped to face your day with confidence. Join us tomorrow for Monday’s daily horoscope for Pisces.