Sunday, dear Capricorn, is a great day to unwind and prepare for the coming week. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson welcomes you today with your daily horoscope for Capricorn so let’s see what’s in store for you:

What to expect

For every person who seems interested in hearing you, you’re busy chatting away. Your friends will be tickled and one in particular, is thinking of you a bit more today. If you've also been thinking about this absent friend, because he/she moved, or is traveling, don't just sit there. Make sure to contact them, and do it soon.

Why would you torment yourself by missing them unnecessarily? Get on the phone!

Others might have a hard time expressing themselves, which results in lots of time-wasting and hemming and hawing. That doesn’t have to be you Capricorn. Don’t make people guess what you want or what you want to say. Ensure that your communication style is direct and to the point and people will respect you for saying what’s on your mind. It might even help to rehearse what you want to say beforehand and cut out the small talk.

It’s a great day for putting your feet up on the sofa and reading a new book, or, re-reading your favorite old one. Some days you just want to lock yourself away from the world and today is such a day Capricorn.

You need to relax and prepare for the coming week so listen to some music, watch your preferred TV series and go to bed early if you so please.

The stars are urging you to bury the past twenty feet below if possible and move on with your life. You won’t be able to give yourself to someone new if you keep wishing you were back with that certain person from eons ago, that person who, by the way, treated you badly.

Use some common sense and trust that you deserve to love and finally be loved in return. The stars say that you're ready to express your feelings to your beloved and he or she will fall head over heels in love with you. Make sure that you attain proper closure before you give your heart.

You may find yourself a little testy today and may even be easily offended or upset due to someone's bad behavior.

The stars advise that you tune out this person and don’t let him/her ruin the good mojo that you’ve got at this time. Instead, focus on your duties and put your best foot forward. Your work will speak volumes in the end. If you’re hoping to attract good luck, wear golden yellow.

How to get through your day

Other people have opinions too Capricorn and some of them are in fact, valid. You need to understand that people resent stubbornness. It's one thing to stick to your guns and another thing altogether to do so without considering the views of others. Today, take a good look at yourself. Practice listening rather than speaking and you may be amazed at what you learn.

We’ve enjoyed sharing today’s daily horoscope for Capricorn with you and hope you will share this reading with all of your friends and networks on social media (Facebook; Twitter etc.) Do enjoy the rest of your Sunday and come back to see what Monday has in store.