Greetings, Leo, and a wonderful Wednesday to you! Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but rather, learning how to dance merrily in the rain. Here is what you can expect for your daily horoscope for Leo.

What to expect

Have you been looking for love with no success, Leo? Maybe your special someone doesn’t even know you exist. For a lion, it’s surprising that you’re shy, but love causes some pretty weird reactions. Today, take the next steps in claiming your prize: approach, introduce, seduce, and win! Don’t forget to actually get to know them, Leo.

A sparkling chance at love should not be allowed to slip through your hands.

Today you need to reflect and ask yourself if you’re really happy with the direction in which your life is headed, Leo. Are there changes to be made? What are they? Has success not been forthcoming because you’re doing the same thing over and over again? Get rid of anything that might be standing in your way. Read some self-help books on how you can not only utilize but maximize your talent. Cut ties with toxic people, and people that do not add anything to your life. You usually have great ideas, so put pen to paper and document them -- along with your five and ten year plan. Turn over a new leaf today and prepare to marvel at the great things coming your way.

If you’re feeling really restless later, you should definitely go out to clear your head and get some fresh air. Why not sample that new Italian restaurant that has been filling your mailbox with leaflets? You’ve always prided yourself on great taste, so, once again, why not prove it?

How to get through your day:

Business gets a little tricky today with maleficent energies surrounding it.

You may lose money today if you’re not careful, so whatever you do, refrain from purchasing real estate or making any kind of important deal today. The color royal blue wards off negativity and should be worn today to help you in all aspects of life. Try to stay busy because too much solitude will cause you to think of unpleasantries and that will just sour your mood.

Stay strong and know that the stars are guiding you toward a great opportunity. If you don’t spot it, it may just spot you.

That’s it for Wednesday’s daily horoscope for Leo. Hopefully you have gained some valuable insight that will continue to help you move forward in all of your endeavors. If you enjoyed this reading, come back tomorrow to find out what else the stars have in store.